Easy on Sunday Morning

February 10, 2022

Hi Hi!

It is Sunday and it's a beautiful day out! I might just go take a walk outside or heck watch me squeeze my booty in my daughters playset for a quick swing and much need vitamin D. 

That felt good, I need to do more of that but in a bigger seat Lol!  BTW, I live in these sweaters! 

The girls are away at grandma's house with Charlie and I have the need to be productive.  I'll do a bit around the house, dishes, clean bathroom, small load of laundry, but my intention is to be productive with the shop from home, unpack new items, and create more content.

I really need to use this time and put my thinking brain on, cause let's be honest here, January is one of the slowest months of the year and most small businesses are feeling the down tick and we are no exception.

Today I've created plenty of content on all IG, FB and Tick Tok.  I'll link each one here, so make sure you give us a follow. 



Since I was at it, I decided to compile a quick Youtube video of my day.


Check it and as always, let me know what you think.





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